I have a Bachelor of Music degree from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music as well as a Master of Teaching (Secondary Education) from the University of New England.  I am currently completing a Master of Music (Music Education) from the Sydney Conservatorium. A lot of people have asked me if I play another instrument besides piano and the answer is yes! I sing classically (though I am not currently in practice!)

I like to integrate games into my teaching and learning. I have kept a blog by the way, on my adventures as a Masters student – feel free to visit it here!


Besides music I like to read. If I didn’t major in music, I probably would have majored in English literature, or creative writing. And besides reading, I like to cook. In fact, years ago, I took some time off university to pursue my interests in hospitality and the culinary arts. I could write a whole essay on what the culinary world taught me, but I wont, because I’m trying not to ramble…

In other news, many years ago I finished an internship with a fine music radio station – fine music fm and again, I learned a lot from that world, I learned so much about musical repertoire, music programmes and operating with sound equipment – these are other things that I like to incorporate into my teaching. If you’d like to learn more about me, and the way I teach feel free to read my blog. My philosophy have been articulated in this post, and this post.