Teaching Children

Hello All,

First and foremost – thank you for all that attended the piano party. Sorry that I’ve neglected this space, and also neglected student pages – somehow the final weeks of the semester lead to a total neglect of this blog.

Here are some things that I am thinking about – any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

In no particular order:

1. To have some frequency of these parties – but also to vary the age groups (get adults to get together, and teens as well to have their separate gathering)

2. To have a mocktail party where the kids and/or teens dress up in fancy clothes and take turns playing piano background music whilst they eat canapes and drink mocktails

3. To have the kids host a dinner/afternoon tea and music event – have the kids prepare dinner with yours truly, invite parents over, do a little concert and then eat a three course dinner (I have cooked with kids before and I have worked in commercial kitchens and did study to become a chef at one stage in my life, so I know a thing or two about dietary restrictions, cooking with kids, hygiene, safety and well – general cooking and basic kitchen management. No need to get scared that I’ll burn your kitchen down!)

3. To do concerts in nursing homes and hospitals

4. To get kids to do some basic ensemble work with their second instruments

Of course, the hurdle is always getting everybody together – finding a time that suits everybody. For the last event – 8/12 came, 2 were away and 2 didn’t want to come, so technically 10/12 were available. It seemed to work out well.

Anyway – watch this space, I will be back later to write more stuff!

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